The new face guard now at Foot Locker!

The Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers participated in their twice-a-year grudge match to start the 2011 season, capped by a shocking move by the Ravens: Baltimore fielded newly signed linebacker / fullback Bane, the ultimate killing machine featured in 2012’s film The Dark Knight Rises. Coach Jim Harbaugh, a massive Christopher Nolan fan,* spent most of the summer checking spy photos from the blockbuster film’s location shoot in Pittsburgh. After seeing the villain in action, Harbaugh knew he had to sign him and send him against his former city-mates.

In the first quarter Bane seemed overmatched and unfamiliar with the Steelers’ blitz schemes. But from the second quarter on he proved he was merely testing his enemy by brutally breaking Hines Ward’s back and snapping Troy Polamalu’s legs. Bane made sure only to maim players in order to intimidate and not receive a penalty flag.

The move clearly paid of with a 34 – 7 win by the League of Shadows.

– Mike Sweeney

*From even before Batman Begins you posers!


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