Last night at approximately 8pm NASCAR superstar Kevin Harvick suffered a flat tire. The driver was on his way home from dinner with friends when he merged into the left lane of his local loop where he drove over a piece of glass. Expecting the worst, he began furiously pumping his breaks to avoid a spin out. Drivers behind him assumed he was drunk and simply avoided the left most lane.

Come in, come in pit crew... where's my headset?

Harvick, realizing he had total control of the car, mistook the HOV lane for the pit lane and followed it around the loop for 45 minutes, where he ran out of gas. He exited his Volkswagon through the window and called his pit crew coach, who was reading a bed time story to his daughter three states away.

Over a conference call, the crew walked him through changing the tire. It took him half an hour. Harvick still doesn’t know how they do it so fast.

– Karin Graham


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