Jesus. As a greaser. And English.

Broncos offensive coordinator Jesus Christ has been replaced. Following an 18-15 win against the Miami Dolphins and first start of the season for quarterback Tim Tebow, John Fox fired his play caller. “We got away with a win Sunday,” said Fox. “But I felt this was the right move.” Christ, better known as a defensive whiz, was a favorite of Tebow’s to call miracle based plays, such as the wobbly 15 yarder and the improbable scoring drive. Christ has been criticized this year for not maximizing Kyle Orton’s strengths; some even say it was a plot to get Tebow under center.

“I’ve long been a fan of his style of play,” said Tebow. “The short runs and spread offense is definitely something I worship in a coordinator and lord and savior.”

Christ, recently seen as a head coaching favorite, does not think this firing will end his football career. “Most likely I’ll look for some college openings. Lets be honest, Notre Dame will probably fire this guy at the end of the year and they’d love to have me.”

– Mike Sweeney


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