LSU is the number 1 team in the country, but NFL scouts still have doubts about senior quarterback Jordan Jefferson.  Jefferson, who has thrown for over 4,000 yards in his LSU career, is considered too much of a “college player.”  49ers scout Matt Craggs cites numerous indie and jam bands on his iPod, constantly wearing sandals instead of shoes and preferring posters instead of wallpaper.

He has Phish on the helmet headset

Jefferson, however, insist he is NFL ready.  Sitting with a sideways visor and wearing a shirt he bought at Goodwill* Jefferson said “I’m like totally ready, you know? I mean I don’t care what they say anyway. Who’s they? Some faceless machine man? Know what Kant says about machines? I took a class on him last semester and my eyes were open. I’m sorry can I offer you a Natty?”

*The interview took place on the futon Jefferson currently sleeps on.  It’s in “my bro Keith’s place.”

Some teams might be convinced after Tim Tebow’s recent success with the Broncos.  Tebow is famous for his unconventional throwing motion and maniacal love of toga parties and Justin Bieber, yet he is 5-1 as a starter.

Jefferson continued his rigorous training session of 6 hours of Xbox, 2 hours of dining hall food, a massive post-meal poop, then practice.




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