Between the lack of Tebow, Kobe Bryant’s divorce and Gina Carano now punching men, the NHL is a little bit ignored.  The NHL has always been at best the red headed step child and at worst the dumpster baby of the sports, but every now and then good ol’ hockey steps up big and gives us this:

Starts at the 2:55 mark.

Yep.  Alex Ovechkin rapping.

His verse:

Alumni of Dynamo
8 on the back.
In the All-Star game all attention is on me.

On the NatTeam since 17
Scored 100 points in a season
Gold medal in Canada in ’08

Among the ten best players of the decade,
Stick in my hands, Rap in my headphones,
Saying hello from Washington,
Together with Sanya Belyi,
For every champion

[And then a bizarre sound that sounds like the English words “Look out!”]

“Among the best players of the decade”!!!!  Eh yo, eh yo, all the bitches looking at me, sucking my dick as I am perhaps one of the more talented players in the league. Definitely top 5 but if you think top 10 I’d like to hear your argument but at the end of the day I respect your decision! BITCH!!!

Basically Ovechkin read his wikipedia page and used some bullet points in a rap song.  Glorious.


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