Lakers guard Kobe Bryant demanded the Lakers trade for more Kobes this season.  “I’m only one man, one Kobe,” said the irritable guard.  “You think one Kobe can win the Western Conference?  Of course he can.  Canone Kobe win a championship?  Of course he can.  He already won five.  But imagine two Kobes.  Now three?  They could win a championship in space.  Space!”

Kobe has long sought to have more space championships than longtime rival and current TNT analysts Shaquille O’Neal.

Los Angeles is in a troubling position: seeking out more available Kobes would require quite the coup and possibly gutting their current team.  “I’m ready to scour the globe for more Kobes,” added Bryant.  “I know there’s another out there.  And if he is, I could beat him.  What? You think because I want more Kobes I ain’t good enough? More Kobes makes this team go from great to greater. I’m still Kobe Bryant, not some Kobe Bryant.  I could beat any Kobe.”

Kobe immediately ran on to the court and took seventy eight shots.


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