Not sure who this guy was in Star Wars but he is awesome

Madonna stunned the audience at Super Bowl XLVI yesterday by sacrificing herself for world peace.  The 53 year old pop star ended her actually pretty cool performance by standing over a pit of carbonite freezing, a la legendary Alliance General Hon Solo.

The Material Girl reminded everyone before the game they could text in their votes for her to be killed like Boba Fett in the Sarlac pit, Hon Solo in the experimental carbonite freeze or just have a fat, belly-exposed Carrie Fisher strangle her with a chain.  America chose the conservative route and went with a simple freezing,

The Solo homage was rather controversial, typical Madonna.  Solo is seen by many conservative Americans as an outlaw and repeatedly admonished for his years as an alleged smuggler.  His later years in the Rebel Alliance many propose he did to avoid prosecution.

In any case, looks like Madonna is not just cool, SHE’S ICE COLD!!


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