The Academy Awards is not far away now and no one is more excited than the Oakland Athletics.  The pride of non-Raiders Oakland sports is lobbying for the film Moneyball to win Best Picture in order to feel good about something in 2012.  The A’s are predicted to bottom out the AL West; the Rangers have been to 2 straight World Series, the West Coast Angels of America signed Albert Pujols and the Mariners mathematically have to rebound according to the laws of physics.

A win for Moneyball would make it feel like 2002 all over again.

Moneyball, the film based on Michel Lewis’ best selling book,* depicts the A’s front office using sabermetrics** to field a winning team on a limited budget.  The film has been praised for its pacing, acting and themes of redemption.  There were zero boobs.  Like, none at all.

*Also called Moneyball.  Real creative guys. 

**Nerd sports.  

Nevertheless, it was a great movie.  Brad Pitt makes Billy Beane dreamier than ever, Jonah Hill does acting and it is not horrible, they hysterically say “defense doesn’t matter” which is great knowing what we know now about how much defense matters.  The best part of the movie is guessing which parts of th script Aaron Sorkin is Aaron-Sorkin-ing all over.  It’s a lot.

Anyway, here’s hoping Moneyball wins Best Picture for the sad, pathetic, clearly giving up in 2012 to prove they need to move to Oakland.  Keep rolling the dice guys!  The 12 sided, D&D style dice.

Um.... wait.... Hey


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