The Brooklyn New Jersey Tri State Region Jay Z’s Nets have signed local superstar Jin Won Chan.  Chan, 16, is a local legend out of New Jersey who Nets officials say could be even better than Jeremy Lin. “The entire league has seen what Jeremy Lin and Linsanity has done for the Knicks record but more importantly, popularity.  Now we’re getting in on the action with some Chanity!” says Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov, aka The Man of Stone.

It is quite an interesting story for Chan: he has never had much of interest in basketball, only trying out for his high school JV team because his father thought “it’d get him off that darn computer.”  Chan was cut in the first round saying “whatever.”  The legend begins.


Chan spent hours and hours making sure his coach would regret the decision by playing video games, designing websites for local bands and purging on the 24 box set.  His desire knew no bounds: “I don’t really like basketball,” says a stone cold Chan. “So it doesn’t matter that he cut me.  I’m still not sure why the Nets called me.  I didn’t even know they were still in Newark.”  Nets officials are ecstatic: “Asian point guards such as this are dime a dozen.  Plus… it could not get any worse us right now.  By the way, I do stand up, here’s my head shot and resume.  I’ll tour, I don’t need this job.”

The savior is here, New Jersey Brooklyn Nets of Anaheim.

The adorable face of desperation


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