2 days away from March and the entire nation is deciding which NCAA Men’s Basketball team it wants to win it all.  Thousands of fans are clamoring through hours of analysis and blogs to find out which team they have liked all season.

“The rush is the best part,” says physician Gregory Tolley.  “Working for hours on end finding out which team I always knew would win it all and can tell my friends, it’s thrilling!”

If this is the reason we get nuked I would've totally predicted it

Fans gather around, throw their ten bucks in one of their uncles’ hats, then spend hours listening to the teams other people think are great and remind their friends that they said in October this team would win.

Is it Wichita State?  Which according to experts has a chance to crack the Final Four, as I have said all along.

Or Harvard?  Who will ride Linsanity like smallbox goes through indigenous villages.

Or will the big dogs Kentucky, Syracuse and Kansas go all the way?  Gathering many new fans who always “hated them but had a feeling this year”?

Or less big dogs Baylor, Florida and UNLV?  Gathering many new fans who always “hated them but this is a good team”?

The Madness begins.


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