The NHL network has made huge leaps forward by announcing new and exiciting “screen graphics” to air live during telecasts.  The network, stationed in local Wisconsin garage, has taken numerous strides to increase production value and bring viewers roughly near the 21st century.  “This is a great step forward for us,” said Benson St. Louis, the station’s programming director.  “We’re excited to catch up within the same generation as the current times.”

Production crew for NHL Network

The network has recently made huge strides to create a more “immersive” viewing experience, the screen graphics is just the tip of the iceberg.  Next year the NHL hopes to get a “real website” and is working round the clock on geocities.com as well as a cooking show that also discusses hockey.  “We’re really hoping to get some great popular guest stars, like that Bieber fellow and Paul Reiser!”

Some were thrown during last year’s controversial decision to include multiple camera angles, instant replay and post-game shows.  “We’re so excited, by 2013, we expect to have 24 hour coverage of hockey,” boasted St. Louis.  The network currently focuses primarily on its 6 hours of original programming as well as Walker, Texas Ranger reruns.

UPDATE: The Network recently purchased 7 Jean Claude Van Damme films to be included i its programming deck.


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