My chin is actually a hand leading into an arm leading into another person. My chin is a person.

NASCAR has finally legalized fighting.  Drivers may pull over mid race, exit their vehicles and throw punches at each other like frat boys after 6 Natty’s.  For years now fans have been begging Nascar to allow drivers to physically assault each other.  In a recent poll, 63% of fans claim the driving is the part they like the least.  Many drivers claim they also feel driving distracts from a crucial part of Nascar: rednecks assaulting each other.

Fighting used to be allowed in the late ’70’s.  Drivers could exit their vehicles, remove gloves, slap challenge and then throw down.  Legendary driver Dale Eanhardt famously drove through anyone willing to fight, hence his first dozen wins.  Uncomfortably, every driver unanimously picked Danica Patrick as the person they most want to fight.


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