In what continues to cause a media stir, Dwight Howard, center for the Orlando Magic had a sarcastic but definitely heated argument with the wait staff at a local Cheesecake Factory when a waitress who asked to remain anonymous served the 4 time all-star a ham sandwich; an order which Dwight Howard promptly said he did not make.

While Mr. Howard was in the bathroom, Orlando Magic power forward Glen Davis help make the order for Dwight. When asking for confirmation about Dwight’s order, Davis responded “miss, I heard it from upper management myself. Dwight Howard would like a cheese sandwich”.

"Mayo... I SAID MAYO!"

As Howard returned and was served his sandwich, he argued and continually denied that he ever made such claims, continually harassing the waitress for her “sources.”  The center claimed all news of his wanting a ham sandwich was “speculation” even citing that he did not want sandwich based foods on a recent episode of PTI.

“Look miss, whatever sandwich orders you hear from others didn’t come from me. My focus is on winning a championship. And curly fries.”  Witnesses also noted Glen Davis immediately left at the table, crumbs on his lip, with no sandwich found.


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