The Luchidor in question

Some Idiot Fan in Baltimore is convinced the Orioles, 6-4 and leading the AL East, have a shot to win it all this year.  This moron does not care that it is only 10 games, he will not relent: “If their pitching can just hold it together they’ll be fine,” says the fucking retard.  “Adam Jones and Wieters are good for 30 homers a piece, and Markakis is definitely going to put it together.”

The fan would not listen to any sports analysts, his friends or common logic when discussing the squad.  “The Sox got all this drama, Yanks are old, Rays just don’t scare me…” When reminded of the Blue Jays, a team many think could win another division outside the AL East, this dipshit said he was not convinced.

He then tried to get the wave going amongst his fellow fans, all of whom were actually rooting for the visiting Tigers.

Stupid motherfucker is also psyched for the Redskins.

The fan section


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