Jewish professional golfer David Sherman spent the last 40 years lost in a small sand trap just outside the 15th green.  Sherman finally exited the bunker early this morning looking old, haggard and exhausted.

“I think I see my ball! It’s ten years that way!”

40 years ago to the day Sherman decided to layup his shot with a 6 iron; a risky move that his caddy at the time thoroughly discouraged.  “There was a group behind us in a hurry, and we couldn’t let them pass us,” says Sherman.  “My people have been through enough.  We will not turn back.”

Sherman hooked it slightly as the ball landed longer than the golfer intended: dead center of the bunker.  Sherman embarked on his journey with his caddy searching for the ball.  Thus his adventure began.

The caddy questioned Sherman’s knowledge of the bunker, saying they could easily take two steps to the right.  Sherman relented.  “I call the shots.”

When he finally got the “promised land” or the 15th green, Sherman said all he wants to do is make par.  The caddy died.

“I’m not sure this is the way, I’m gonna turn around”


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