A group of neighborhood adults had a intense game of kick ball late last night.  Despite the hustle, organization and training for the event, onlookers agreed it was pretty “silly.” The “athletes,” comprised of neighborhood dads and two or three moms, created a charity kickball game three years ago; however, tensions grew between each side grew.

Numerous parents began intense physical training, pushing their middle aged bodies to the limit.  Some would power walk as many as four miles a day (every two days for those with younger kids), others finally put their elaborate home gyms to the test.

But when all was said and done, most of the spectators still went to watch “neighborhood kickball.”  Many did not even notice the “obvious” training; most did not even watch the game.  There were complimentary beers and snacks on the sideline where many onlookers stayed.

The competitors swore this was all jealously since half there were finally cuts this year.

After the game the parents revealed all proceeds for the charity were spent on personal trainers and in one case, steroids.


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