Over the weekend the NBA nixed the Chris Paul trade to the Lakers trade for “basketball reasons.”  Then forbid a trade to the Clippers.  Here are the possible reasons:

Paul passing to Blake Griffin would defy gravity.  If the lockout was about one thing, it was physics

Paul once toasted a Pop Tart for Kobe Bryant a bit too burnt and is forever horrified of him

Kobe made Kobe face to David Stern signalling if “I can’t have him NO ONE CAN!”

The forces of nature intervened making sure World Champion Bastard Donald Sterling gets no more good fortune, casualties be damned!

Paul has a NO TRADE CLAUSE!! Zing

Years later everyone realized Katrina was not bad enough and New Orleans needs to taste some pain

The NBA has convinced itself complete competitive balance is attainable and is willing to sacrifice any sense of integrity to prove to the small market owners that they will try and make it come true

Chris Paul sucks

As a child, Paul’s real parents pushed a gypsy…. cursed, cursed, cursed

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