Broncos starting quarterback Tim Tebow has officially forgiven backup QB Brady Quinn for controversial comments the latter made about The Tebow earlier this week.  In a recent GQ article, three Quinn quotes reflected negative pinions of Sir Tim, especially questioning his humility.  But He Who Is Tebow is not deterred.

At a press conference explaining his remarks, Quinn said he felt misrepresented in the article, when a bright light broke through.  Mr. Tebow solemnly entered, nay… floated…. through a cloud of smoke.  But no one feared, they were calm.

Tebow approached the podium where Quinn, the NFL’s best backup QB to come from Notre Dame, stood in disbelief.  “What sorcery is this?” questioned a skeptical Qunn.

Dr. Tebow, Esq. offered his hands to Quinn in forgiveness.  The backup QB was brought to tears and fell to his knees.  Tebow, He Who is Quarterback, lifted his teammate and told him to “rise.”  Then, in an act of brilliance and forgiveness, Tebow TEBOWED in front of Quinn.

Thou Art Tebes spoke without a microphone, yet all could hear him,* and they understood the two are teammates and nothing could drive a wedge between them.

*Like all of Denver could hear him.  It was weird.  

Quinn  ended the press conference by saying he believes n Tebow and will never betray him again.  Thine Tebow responded “FUCK NO YA WON’T!” and lit Quinn on fire.

Never ignite the arsonist wrath of Holy Tebow May He Live Forever.