“Oh score! This is fun.”

The NBA season is over and the news-cycle is dominated by the draft and Olympic team; but let us not forget the best “team” this season, the San Antonio Spurs, who watched the NBA Finals the right way.   That’s right, unlike the Knicks, Lakers and attention starved Wizards, the pride of San Antonio watched the Finals with little fanfare.

Each teammate quietly gathered at Tim Duncan’s house or purchased a modest, mid-row seat that is not on center court.  That is why these Spurs are the real champs.  None of this loud LeBron look-at-me hoob-a-loo in press conferences; none of “Hollywood” Durant’s eye catching glasses; just plain, good old fashioned basketball watching.  Here me now fathers of America: make your kids watch how the Spurs watch basketball.  It’ll make them better watchers of basketball forever.



He wears his hat like a ballplayer!

The newly rich Miami Marlins offered free agent quarterback Peyton Manning a 5 year, $100 million deal to come play for their baseball franchise.  Manning was released just released yesterday and cannot officially pick a destination until Tuesday at 4pm eastern.  “We think Peyton would make a great addition to our club,” said President Larry Beinfest.  “His ability to read the pocket, his rocket arm, plus we think he is fully healed and ready to join our club.”

This is yet another splash made by the Marlins after giving shortstop Jose Reyes 110 million (moving incumbent shortstop Hanley Ramirez to third, he was not pleased), closer Heath Bell 27 million and pitcher Mark Buehrle 58 million.  Most thought Manning would sign with the Dolphins, Cardinals, or any other football team, but the Marlins have been a wild card all off season.

The team is moving Hanley Ramirez to catcher.