College football is here! Warm feelings all around!

The nation gets excited for some football and pre-season rankings are flooding in. While there are always debates on who is in the best conferences, who has a strong returning class, etc. major media outlets are still picking their favorites. Here’s ours:

1. A Florida team

Look out illegal boosters! Dexter Morgan's coming!

Everything's Bigger In... YES WE KNOW! WE F***ING GET IT!

2. A Texas team

3. Another Texas team

4. A midwest team (from Oklahoma, Ohio or something)

5. A team that should’ve been in a better bowl game last year

6. Another Florida team (but not Miami)

7. Some smaller weird one that has one good year in them

8. A California team

9. Another midwest team (preferably a rivalry with the one above)

10. Not Notre Dame

– Mike Sweeney