After winning the Olympic bid and pursuing the 2014 start of the Tour de France and 2018 and 2022 World Cup, Qatar is on a roll. However, the United States agreed to ensure Qatar gets the 2022 World Cup if the Arab nation takes the WNBA as well. Qatar has given no response but has until late tomorrow to decide if it will risk having a dunkless, poorly attended league in order to receive the exciting, thrilling World Cup.

Qatar admitted that initially it had no desire to watch “sound fundamentals” but could not resist the idea of having even more events inside its boundaries.* Qatar allegedly inquired the availability of the Paraolympics and Great Outdoor Games.

Sound Fundamentals: Jab! Jab!

The United States has been actively dealing the WNBA since 2008 with little luck. In late 2010, Germany seemed like a logical destination until negotiations fell apart at the last minute.

*Furthering suspicion that Qatar is a hoarder. Rumor has it multiple countries are worried about Qatar’s recent hoarding and unexplainable mood swings.

– Mike Sweeney