Giants quarterback Eli Manning took to the press today saying he believes the G-Men need a number 1 receiver, and that receiver should be Buzz Lightyear. “His combination of speed, quick feet and jet pack should make us so good and cool and fun!” said an ecstatic Eli. The Giants have been searching for that elusive number 1 target since the departure of Plaxico Burress as Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham do not seem like answers and thus undeserving of hyperlinks.

Lightyear, currently with Star Command, could not be reached for comment; every time a reporter walked into the room he reverted to toy mode, Lightyear has a reputation of being elusive to the media and human contact. But Manning is still convinced. “He would be so awesome and he can do Spanish Buzz dance when he catch da ball! YAY!”

Coach Tom Coughlin said the Giants are looking into multiple options; ever since the Plaxico shooting incident the Giants are wary of any player with a laser gun, no matter how fake.

– Mike Sweeney