Dodgers owner Frank McCourt has agreed to sell the franchise amid financial troubles and common sense. Here are his highs and lows as owner:


Embezzled so well he actually has all of Greece’s money.

Brought in Manny Ramirez during his “Predator” phase.

Kept Vin Scully on air no matter the cost.

Employed 12 limo drivers.

Forged checks better than the kid from ‘Catch Me If You Can.’

Bought Dodgers on a credit card; insane Delta skymiles rewards.

Hired within the family.

Great make up sex with Jaime right before divorce.


Fired Paul DePodesta, enraging bloggers everywhere.

Bought own plane (no need for skymiles).

Bought six more planes (those rewards points really are phenomenal).

Kept Vin Scully on air no matter the cost.

Never actually eaten a Dodger Dog.

Still owes Andruw Jones $121 million.

Turned Dodger Stadium parking lot into gang territory.

Possibly gave wife Jaime 8 more houses than necessary.

Divorce was super depressing compared to Kim Kardashian’s.

Fetish for former Red Sox players.


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